Principal Message: kids corner school



Dear Kids ,

A lamp does not speak; it introduces itself through its light. Achievers never expose themselves. But their achievements expose them and so the entire Kids Corner Management firmly believe that development keeps in inspiring to touch new heights in the quest of academic excellence in the direction “Ignore not, but encourage the talent” is our commitment so the society, community and the future generation.

Flowers blossom in a forest even when there’s no one to admire their beauty. Let’s continue our efforts by feeling the magic and strength inside you break those barriers that bind you in the path of success, you are born to shine like a star, transform your dreams into reality and stand in the crowd with grace and pride.

So with the same commitment, the support of our parents, the self belief of our students and the strong bond which we share with our well wisher we should be able to fulfill the aspirations of the society and I am sure that we can attain unparallel heights of excellence in the future. So all we need a strong platform like Kids Corner to walk on, an ear to listen the guidelines of “Gurus” and a heart to understand with positive attitude. The tea never knew it would taste so nice and sweat, before it met milk and sugar. We are good as, as individuals but become better when we meet and blend with right people.