Founder: kids corner school

A Person’s greatness is reflected in his or her thought, vision and action. Just as a Master Builder Skillfully and brilliantly uses mortar to join together individual bricks and pieces of stone to erect a grand and permanent stature, in the same way Late Mrs. Sukhrani Bhatnagar, the eteemed beloved founder of KIDS CORNER HAPPY SCHOOL FIROZABAD, deserved the credit of joining and consolidating together all the ingredients, traditional values and virtues of this esteemed institution. She is indeed a paragon of dedication, devotion and development, the qualities that have made the Kids Corner Happy School a real paradise.

The school was established in the year 1966 through Hindi Medium with noble vision to spread education for the social uplift-ment in general and the status of women in particular by a versatile house wife Late Mrs. Sukhrani Bhatnagar who dared to break the social barrier of the then male dominated & conservative society and came forward with a noble mission, that led to the foundation of the institution. She never surrendered to the adversities, rather accepted them as challenges with a high spirit that has laid to the present glory of the institution, not only in the district but also all over. The school got affiliated with C.B.S.E. New Delhi in the year 1988.

Late Mrs. Sukhrani Bhatna