Infrastructural facilities : kids corner school


Smart Class

Kids Corner Happy Sr. Se. School is now among the leading 1,500+ schools in India, to implement the SmartClass program, in association with India’s most valuable education company EduComp.

How SmartClass Works :

The innovative SmartClass program is a multi-sensory experience that has dramatically enhanced instructor led teaching and learning in students. SmartclassTM is powered by the largest mapped-to-Indian. Curriculum content library in the world. Schools are provided with best-of-breed digital content mapped to their specific curriculum. A dedicated knowledge center is set up inside the School and connected to classrooms equipped with state of-the-art technology infrastructure to help teachers integrate technology in their day to day teaching. A full time, on-side Program Administrator deputed by Educomp’ along with regular teacher training sessions by their Academic Support Group Ensure smooth implementation of the program.

Benefits of Smart Class :

Improves teacher’s effectiveness and productivity.

Brings abstract and difficult curriculum concepts to life.

Makes learning an enjoyable experience for students.

Enables multi-sensory learning in classrooms.

Improves academic performance of students.

Enables instant formative assessment of learning outcomes in class.

Computer Lab

A child can do a thing any number of times because practice is fun. The computer provides such fun situation Very spacious, Airy Well Ventilated Labs with well furnished and designed furniture is available for junior and senior students. Highly qualified teacher are available to teach and guide these students.


Kids Corner School is a private art and design school located in Agra Gate Firozabad city neighborhood of Agra city. Kids Corner is one of Firozabad's largest accredited independent schools of art and design. Kids Corner is the best school in Firozabad to offer programs in fashion design, advertising, interior design, and graphic design. The school encompasses a total area of 10,000 square feet.

The School has different kind of facilities to make best future for it's students :

Smart Class

Best Transport Facility

World Class Library

Well Equipped Laboratories

Computer Lab


School has a library, which has got around 5000 books on different subjects. Students can take advantage of upgrading their present knowledge by reading the books. The office of the principal has also a good collection of different rare and latest books related to various discipline and interests. Interested staff members and students can take advantages of it.

Description :

The Library remains open on all working days during the specified working hours.

Make necessary entries in the Library Register soon after you enter in the Library.

Do not touch any Library material without the prior permission of the librarian.

Never fold or dog-ear any study material. Otherwise damage cost equivalent to the cost of the material will be recovered from the concerned students.

Never write / mark / disfigure anything on any material.

Avoid gossiping and loud talking while in the Library.

Always keep the materials in their proper places after studying.

All arc advised to sit systematically with proper discipline.

Text Books / Dictionaries will not be issued.

This is your library keep it clean & help us to serve you better.


Online and satellite transmission have definitely brought a revolution in the education sector as well. This has not just bridged the gap but has widened the scope beyond geographic and demographic barrier. Our students gain first hand experience and gather information regarding laws of physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Computer, Fashion Studies, Mathematics and more.


Transport facility fully monitored from stop to stop is provided. A fleet of buses of the school runs for the transportation of students for mains routes subject to payment of Conveyance fees fore twelve months. A vast spacious well shaded cycle/vehicle stand is available on contract basis. The Contractor is responsible for any loss or damage of vehicles.