Curriculum: kids corner school



Curriculum updation is a continuous process and hence the school brings out revised curricula every year. It is obligatory for all the teachers and the students of a particular year to follow the syllabi, courses and the books prescribed by it for that year
In order to achieve the goals, the curriculum shall focus on the requirements and capabilities of learners and aim at developing core competences which a global 21st century citizen should possess. Such core competences may be categorized as follows:
1. Self-awareness and exploration of innate potential, which involves a thorough understanding of one's personality, competencies, emotions, requirements, and dispositions, respect and love for self, regular self-reflection, self-discipline, optimistic attitude, and ethics, showcasing one's individuality, and instituting values.
2. Appreciation, representation, and vision, which include the ability to perceive and appreciate the beauty of things as well as using imagination and creativity, developing a dynamic and innovative attitude, and expressing one in order to promote the quality of living.
3. Goal setting, decision making and lifelong learning, which involves the development of individual abilities in order to bring forth one's talents, chart the path for future success, and develop the capability of lifelong learning in accordance with the transition of the current century.
4. Effective Communication skills which involves making effective use of all kinds of symbols (such as languages in both verbal and non-verbal forms, sounds, motions, visual and written) and tools (such as media and technology) in order to better interpersonal relationships through skills of listening attentively to and communicating effectively with others, and sharing various perspectives and information assertively with others.
5. Empathy, which involves being aware of other people's feelings and situations, respect for the opposite gender, tolerant of different opinions, and unbiased to humans and groups of different identities, with respect for life and thoughtful for the community, the environment, and nature, obeying and respecting the rules of the law, and holding an attitude which is conducive to collaborative work and leads to individual, societal as well as global transformation.
6. Cultural learning and international understanding, which involves appreciating and respecting different groups and cultures, taking pride in the history and culture of one's own country as well as holding a positive outlook towards different cultures, developing a global perspective with conjoint interdependence, trust and cooperation.
7. Knowledge and attitude related to livelihood skills, adopting approaches by which such considerations and practices are incorporated, equipping and enabling each member to contribute to the community as well as serve the public and one's country in a productive way.
8. Utilization of technology and information, which involves the utilization of technology in a positive, safe and effective way for the welfare of mankind, for boosting learning efficacy and living quality.
9. Functional and participatory learning, leading to the development of higher order thinking skills. Encouraging inquisitiveness and keen observation, actively exploring and discovering solutions, and applying knowledge, attitude and skills in daily life.
10. Thinking skills and problem solving, this involves cultivating the ability and habit of thinking creatively and reflectively, making logical analyses and decisions, and effectively solving problems and resolving conflicts.

Early Childhood Development

Our pre-primary children (Playway to UKG) blossom in a nurturing environment. Two class teachers and a lady support staff for each section caters to individual needs of the little ones. Sensory development and environmental studies approach to learning makes our curriculum holistic and child-centric. Hands-on activities, experiments like cooking without fire, music and dance are provided with opportunities for each child to maximize his/her potential in a comfortable and non-competitive environment. Fun activities for the pre-primary like Fruit Voganza, pulses, vegetables, Parents day out and Jash’ne Khidmat are an integral part of the value based education followed across the school.
Kids Corner Happy Sr. Sec. School is an organization established in July 1966 by Smt. Sukhrani Bhatnagar. From the time of its starting, the school has excelled in academics as well as co curricular activities. At present there are over 3500 students from varied backgrounds studying in the school.
The Junior curriculum is child centered and activity based so that learning is made fun and enjoyable. Periodic assignment are given to students of Class 1-5 which are graded and appear for Unit Test and Terminal Examination held twice every year.
Middle School is the most exciting and eventful years in any student’s life. This is when fun filled activities like games, physical education, theatre, dance music and cookery skills co-exists with academic endeavour.
At Kids Corner, the middle school years (ie. Classes-6-8) are focused on helping each student to transition smoothly from the sheltered environment of the Junior School to the challenges they face in the Senior years at school. During these years, the focus is on balancing each student’s emotional aspect with his/her intellectual, social and physical development.
A plethora of activities are offered to both channelize boundless energy as well as hone natural talent. Assemblies happen twice a week to instill confidence. Each student gets a platform to connect with the audience and learns to speak with confidence and clarity. Assemblies help with sensitize students to values of the month that the school promotes.
The ethics that each house stands for is instilled in each student through various inter-house activities. These include theatre, recitation, painting, sports, quizzes and so on.
Classroom learning is replete with teaching learning methodologies that engage students in theatre, projects, presentations, hands-on activities, and learning through IT. Teachers include interdisciplinary aspects while explaining concepts.
The Middle School years at Kids offer a structured “Mental Health” Programme for its students and the Counsellor works with the students to help them understand their learning styles. Educational outings form an integral part of the curriculum as the school believes in learning from experiences. Field trips are linked to concepts learnt in class while the outstation trips are linked to developing life skills.
At senior school the young adults hone their academic and extra-curricular skills to prepare for their journey into the world outside the protective environs of the school. Innovative and effective teaching methodologies are used by the teachers with focus on the constantly changing educational pedagogy which enhances academic achievement. Apart from skills and knowledge due attention is also paid to inculcating values which will stand them in good stead in life. Our unique system of instituting a class teacher’s interactive period every morning is used to ensure that our students become sensitive and sensible citizens of the world. We are indeed proud that our senior students not only prove their mettle in the academic arena in India and abroad but also distinguish themselves with their strength of character.
Learning Centre comprises of Junior LC( Classes Nursery to VI) and Senior LC( Classes VII- XII) .Learning Centre has been an integral part of the school since the school’s inception in 1996. It focuses on a holistic curriculum which not only addresses concerns related to academics, socio – emotional , physio – motor , speech and linguistic area but also in developing pre- vocational skills of the child to keep pace with the formal system of education. A team of professionals devises the same, suiting the child’s needs and ability to absorb, generalizes and apply the information meted out to him/her. The junior and senior school learning centre perseveres continuously so as to allow these gifted children to overcome challenges. Along with guiding the in their academics, they are also groomed in another quintessential aspect, which is imbibing the values of a good students, and in turn a good samaritian. This combination allows them to simultaneously excel in academics and co-curricular fields, upgrading them to students and citizens capable of fulfilling their goals.
The curriculum is mainly planned on CBSE patterns and curriculum to Training students on CBSE patterns with exemptions.
Other Learning centre work areas:
1. Remediation of the students from the main stream having a formal diagnosis of Learning disability. They are helped with the conceptual understanding related to subjects and other issues.
2. Monitoring such students in their mainstream classes.
3. Frequent Parent teacher Meeting and counseling.
4. Equip the children to reach their optimum level of potential through Individualised Educational Programme which are subject to constant evaluation and revision.
The Centre is child- centric but follows the system of inclusive education which means that the children are part of all the activities of the main stream school.A team of counselors, special educators and speech therapist facilitate the working of the Learning Centre.

Beyond Curriculum


Games and Sports form an integral part of school curriculum. It is our constant endeavor to involve more and more students to take part in various games.

The school has the proper facilities for the following disciplines:

 Football , Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Hockey, Table Tennis , Cricket
Yoga We have weekly yoga period for every class to teach mental relaxation, good health and to develop good personality. Encouraged by the positive response to the value education classes, held in school since last three years, in instilling moral values in our students, the school is organising yoga/meditation classes.
It is our aim to develop the qualities of healthy competition sportsmanship, character building and physical fitness. Inter class competition are conducted for boys and girls where we spot out talented children who could be taken in to hands for intensive coaching to prepare them for inter school state level and national level competition.
Every year students get the opportunity to play at Cluster and District Commissionaire level tournaments. We give due recognition to our players who achieved at Cluster and District Commissionaire level.
Our school provides special coaching after school hours in various disciplines under the guidance of expert coaches free of cost.
The school provides facilities for all games. To encourage healthy competition, character building and physical stamina, Inter-Class competitions are held in all available games for senior and junior boys and girls each year. Games form an integral and vital part of the school curriculum. One major team game is a compulsory part of curriculum from classes VI to VIII. Special scholarship and tuition facilities are provided to sportsmen.



Educational Trips and Tours

Duration                                    Category                                    Classes

Summer Vacation                                    Camping & Adventure                              VI-XII __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Winter Break                                   Camping & Adventure                              VI-VIII ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Adventure Activities :Trekking, mountaineering, camping, rock climbing etc. are the regular activities for our boys and girls. These will be organized regularly in association with reputed world class travel agencies, immaterial of the charges, for imparting hands on knowledge to the students.
Socially Useful Productive Work :Socially Useful Productive Work (SUPW) has been included in the curriculum as a compulsory subject for classes III to X. It is compulsory for every student to put in the specified number of work hours to clear this subject for the Secondary and Senior School Certificate Examination of the CBSE. Introduction of SUPW in the curriculum inculcates proper interest, attitudes and values among the students.
Students' Council
The Students' Council comprises Monitors & Prefect from each class and students’ cabinet members from class XI.
Activity Council
There are four houses in the school and all activities are planned and conducted by a Student Convener. Each house captain work under a cabinet Student, who in turn, works under the overall direction of the Management, Principal assisted by a House Teachers. There is a parallel set-up of teachers to guide the students.
Games Captains (Boys & Girls)
All Team Captains work under Sports Head, Sports Teacher and Sports Experts, whose primary aim is to promote sportsmanship among all the students.