Aims & Objective: kids corner school

Aims & Objectives

The Aim of the school is to Motivate children for Learning and Preparing to face the challenges of the fast changing world. Our School is dedicated to the preparation of a child for life in the new millennium. It provides a better learning environment to each child /pupil.

Quality education and pursuit of excellence in all fields and in the life itself.

Assist students to enjoy themselves through healthy recreational activities and hobbies as well as correct reading habits for a life time of pleasure and joy.

The objective of the school is to provide education to each and every child rich or poor, bright or dull. The school aims at instilling into its children global understanding, universal values, spiritual perception, wisdom, service to mankind, positive attitude, leadership skills, competency, self-discipline, excellence in all things, hard working, strong will power, noble nature, patience, truth and honesty.

School mission is to produce from this academy great teachers like S. Radhakrishna and Gandhi, great preachers like Lord Buddha, Mahavira, Ram Krishna Paramhamsa and Vivekanand, great leaders like Gandhi, Shashtri, Nehru, George Washington and abraham Lincon, great thinkers and philosophers like Rousseau, Confucius, Tagore, Gandhi, Frobel and eminent scientists like Einstein, Newton and C.V. Raman, great Generals Like Napoleon and Alexander the great.